Sunday, September 23, 2012

The color red evokes extreme emotions in everyone

It is a passionate color that can lead to violence and warfare, or the flush of love that transcends time. It is power, the banner that leads the troops to war, and a warning of danger up ahead. Red is the symbol of courage and sacrifice, life and death.

It is Cupid on one end and the Devil on the other.

Red roses are a symbol of one's undying love.
The blood of life is red.
Love red roses, rosy red lips, red hearts, sexy red dress.

Red is the color of blood and often symbolizes guilt, sin, and anger.

Sin and Guilt.

Red is love and Red is Hate. Love and Hate.
It is Cupid and the Devil. Good and Evil.
It is Life and it is Death.

The thief was caught red-handed.
Prostitutes inhabit the red-light district.
Red Flags and Warnings.
Honor and Loyality.

Red is the color of passion, lust, and love.
It is the symbol of beauty.

Red is strong and passionate.